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Crop, Watermark, add Filters, Rotate your images, Make 360° views...


Compress to WebP

(4x lighter as Jpeg),

Make your Images Responsive and Lazy loaded


of CDN Distribution

= 150GB of traffic

& 70GB of cache

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Empowering Zentrada's Catalogue

How did Europe’s leading wholesale company
save their Developers days of work and accelerate their pages?

  • Monthly stats
    5.6M images & 4TB traffic

    Zentrada has been trading online via its eCommerce platform since 2002 and is now the leading European online wholesale company.

    Serving over 5.6 million images each month, Zentrada’s catalogue requires image management tools that can easily scale.

    "We spent quite some time working on an in-house image resizing solution, but we experienced many challenges.” Inglo Schoo, CEO

    Zentrada’s development team implemented Cloudimage in less than one week and achieved the result expected of a 30-week project.

Optimised Product Images Increase Sales

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Beauty and Speed on your e-commerce

% Return Rates

on products shopped online.

22% say the image doesn't fit the product

% E-Shoppers

leave a website that loads in more than 3 seconds

% Less Conversion

and Revenue for each extra loading second

Because Size Matters

How will Cloudimage accelerate your website in a snap?

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Automatic Resizing and Compression

Use the WebP Format for high quality, though ultra-light images

Responsive and Lazy Loaded Images

Adapt the size and weight of your images to the size of your user's screen to avoid overload

Accelerated Distribution

Use a CDN to absorb traffic spikes and deliver your media the closer to your user, everywhere in the world

Start Accelerating your E-Commerce

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